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Winter- Lockdown in Germany

We spent our Winter in Germany this year, to end this crazy year close to my family. The idea as such was great, we were able to enjoy quite a few short trips and see different places (as you have seen in our blog posts). Soon after we arrived, getting closer to Christmas, the lockdown measures got stricter. This meant for us to adapt and stay home and safe. We were lucky, and that is also something I want to point out right away: We are fine, our families are fine, so for us, there was no need to complain about a year that passed staying mostly at home. We noticed very quickly a few things, that most likely anyone else in lockdown with noticed sooner or later:

People suck. Especially those people that are egocentric, that do not care about others and that prefer to enjoy their life as if not thousands of people are dying around the world. What we also noticed is that by being locked inside with the same people always: You need space for yourself, because it is intense and tiring to be around people the whole time – even the ones you love.

And I do not mean this in a bad way, it is just the fact, that the more time you spend with the same people the more things you notice that start to annoy you. Here are a few words, if you felt that as well: It is normal. Don’t stress about it. It will get better eventually.

My miracle cure in these days of lockdown was nature. To get out as often as I can, exercising outside, taking long walks in the woods, and just enjoying the tranquility of the forests. But I am also very aware of the fact that this Is a privilege. Many people live in the middle of big cities, where there is no nature close, where they can not simply escape into the woods and forget about how stressed people are. But I also feel: going out, and as simple as that is, is something anyone can do. If you live in the middle of a city go and explore places you have not explored before. Take your bike to get even further out, or just take a short walk through your favorite park. You will surely feel better afterward.

In general, I noticed in myself, as a tour guide as a travel addict, that you have to take care of yourself in time like this. Try not to stress over how your life is not like it was before and try to see the good things. You are healthy, you most likely still have your job and if you don’t: you have time to re-invent yourself. Which is a chance you will maybe never get again. And if you feel bad and just want to watch TV all day, do that too: This is also self-care. Do what feels right for you in these difficult times.

At some point, life will maybe even be better than you might be able to imagine right now.


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