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top 4 waterfalls iN the HUASTECA POTOSINA, México

No guide could ever include all the natural gems in the Huasteca Potosina. There are simply too many hidden waterfalls, beautiful rivers, and lush green mountains with traditional pyramids hidden in this place. There is so much hidden beauty in this place that the top would reach more than a hundred. But this time we will talk about some of these beauties in particular. The land, the weather, its water, make the Huasteca Potosina an oasis for adventure lovers. Best of all, you can do a trip including all of these when visiting the Huasteca Potosina. You will be lucky enough to do something else in these waterfalls that just go to see them, you can jump, rappel, swim, row in canoes, etc. Visit our past articles for more detailed information on each of the waterfalls. In this perfect Top 4 of waterfalls in the Huasteca Potosina, we will only mention shortly the most important and interesting facts of each waterfall in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.


The Tamul waterfall located in the municipality of Aquismón is a 105-meter-high waterfall in a canyon. Water flowing from the Gallinas River, from Tamasopo, falling into the Santa Maria River from Querétaro. The two rivers join and form the Tampaón River.

It is located about an hour from Ciudad Valles. To reach Tamul you have to pass through the village called "Tanchachin". Right at the entrance people are wearing a blue T-shirt and they are in charge of taking you straight to the waterfall. They will instruct you on where you can leave your car and after a 10-minute walk, you will arrive at the boarding point where a wooden canoe awaits you, to paddle about forty minutes upriver to reach the waterfall. Another stop halfway to the waterfall is made to visit the water cave, which is a natural crystal blue cenote, to swim in. Then you will continue back to the starting point. (Here before entering the cave there are bathrooms and snacks) Don't worry about the food there are many local restaurants in the village of Tanchachin so you can support the local community a little and end the expedition.


In the municipality of Naranjo, San Luis Potosí, Mexico just an hour and forty minutes from Ciudad Valles, you will reach these twin waterfalls of approximately fifty meters, with a spectacular water drop. It also has a petrified waterfall of equal height where you can do the rappelling activity.

(This activity should be done by experts and we recommend you hire an operating tour) Admission costs about 40 pesos per person. The turquoise blue water is very nice and cold but ideal to have a good time with friends and family. Upon arrival don't worry there is ample parking, changing cabins, bathrooms, and a restaurant run by the local Chef Mama Oli, that prepares a delicious home-cooked meal that revives anyone.


In the municipality of Tamasopo, SLP, Mexico you find this paradise, one of the easiest to find places since it is on the road. It is enough to deviate a little to find this natural gem, especially when the desire for an express visit enters. Bridge of God (translated from Puente de Dios) is a natural pool surrounded by walls covered by a myriad of nature with plants, trees, and birds. From here drain small threads of water forming mini waterfalls that fall into the blue pool giving the appearance of a hidden oasis. The pool is fed by a river arm that comes from the mountains, the water falls into the pool and passes through a bridge-shaped opening and cavern where the water continues.

Even if it's not in your plans, it's very common to see people encouraging themselves to visit this place by being in the middle of Ciudad Valles and San Luis Capital. People who travel from the capital to Valles or vice versa end up falling into the temptation of advertisements indicating the bridge of God. It is about 40 minutes from Ciudad Valles to the bridge and about 2 and a half hours from the capital San Luis Potosi to the destination. The entrance cost is about fifty pesos, there are parking lots, bathrooms, rental of life jackets and food, camping area, and a complete and recommended meal would be 'La Isla' a restaurant located in the center of Tamasopo.


Waterfalls from 2 to 8 meters high, being the tourist attraction of this place, without leaving behind the beautiful turquoise blue color and jungle nature. The tour starts at the first waterfall about 5 meters high called the test, where you will see how brave you are. The test is connected to a giant pool that belongs to the waterfall 'El Toro' which is 20 meters high and although you cannot jump from it, it is great for some nice pics. White Water kayaking is also practiced in these same waterfalls.

Near the ejido el Platanito and about 35 minutes from Ciudad Valles you can find this Disneyland of waterfalls where we recommend you hire a local guide or tourist company for safety, as they will provide you with the necessary equipment and give you a safety talk of the place and inform you if the water level is good to enter. The food you can find in the paid place that is before reaching Micos called 'Pago Pago'. Here you can swim and explore a few more waterfalls and get some great street food. Here you can also find local guides to go waterfall jumping. They will know how to solve your logistics doubts perfectly and mostly can take you to jump right away.



  • You can wear shorts, Lycras, a bikini and a wet suit in winter.

  • Wear comfortable water shoes with a good sole.

  • Don't forget to secure your lenses with lace in case you occupy them inside the water if you can leave them much better. If you wear contact lenses, be aware that sometimes they move when jumping into the water. (tell your guide)

  • ProTip: Buy a dry bag in any sports store to take your phone and valuables with you if you do not want to leave them in the car.


  • You can buy a waterproof case for your phone, but be careful that they are made out of good material to trust them (the cheap ones never are well made)

  • You can use a waterproof and floating camera

  • Take care of your cell phone or camera when jumping.

  • For the most part, all guides offer a photo service.


  • It is very important to follow the directions of the guide as he is the person who knows the area best.

  • Avoid activities if you are in a drunken state.

  • Don't just enter this place, hire a local guide or an operating tour.

  • Wear your life jacket and helmet provided by your local guide or tour operator at all times.

  • Important to have a first aid kit in your car designated for the trip.

  • If you panic over water activities and don't know to feel safe, avoid the activity, there will be another time and another way to enjoy the place 😊

  • There are a wide variety of animals and plants, please do not disturb them and do not leave the marked paths, always follow the signs.

  • It takes a decision when jumping to avoid falling badly and jumps when you want and feel safe. If you don't jump don't miss it will be on the next adventure.

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