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Daytrip San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende without a doubt is one of the most beautiful Mexican Cities. Located in the state of Guanajuato it is still quite close from Guanajuato, Queretaro, Mexico City and also San Luis Potosi. For us, this is the perfect day trip or also weekend getaway. Here we want to give you a short insight on how you can have a incredible day in San Miguel de Allende on a day trip from Queretaro.

How to get here?

We started our day trip in Queretaro and took a bus to San Miguel de Allende. The busses leave every hour and cost around 200 pesos (10 USD) and take you to the central bus station of San Miguel. The drive to get here took us around 1 hour and 30 minutes. From the bus station, you can either walk into the center, if the sun is not too strong once you arrive. Or you can also take a taxi, just make sure they don’t overcharge you. Into the city center, they should charge you less than 100 pesos.

Things to do here?

The Thermal Waters

For us the main reason for coming here where the thermal waters. We decided to arrive early and then take a taxi to La Gruta, the most famous place in San Miguel for the thermal waters. The taxi cost us around 250 pesos and the entrance to La Gruta was around 150 pesos. This place is really beautiful with a lot of trees, shade and many different pools to swim in. We decided to take some amazing pictures in a tunnel-formed pool leading into the highest temperature pool in an artificial cave. The warm water was so relaxing and the place with it looks invited you to just relax and unwind. In the morning is the best time to come here (we arrived at 8 am) because later in the afternoon the pools tend to be filled with people – and we prefer to be as alone as possible. After a few hours in the pools, we decided to grab a bite to eat in the on-site restaurant and head into the city afterward. The staff there is super nice and they call you a cab if you just ask!.

In the Center

In the city center, the best thing to do is go to the cathedral, stroll around the main square and get to know the beautiful shops and streets in San Miguel. If you have some extra time and energy take a walk (or cab) to the viewpoint of San Miguel to get some great views of the cathedral and the colorful houses from above. You should also try the trolley busses that take you around the center of town and explain all you need to know about the history of these interesting villages and turned into a famous city in no time.

Where to eat?

A must-eat when visiting San Miguel is the famous Churros of San Augustin. They are one of the best Churro and Hot Chocolate Spots in the whole country. Every local comes here for their favorite treat. Maybe you will have to wait a bit to get a table but it definitely is worth it.

Great spots to grab dinner or lunch are Hank’s for great food in general or also Hecho in Mexico if you prefer traditional Mexican food – we love both of them.


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