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(Tips for training experienced and responsible tourists)

During our time working in the Huasteca Potosina as professional tour guides, this refreshing place always was and is one of our favorite must-visit spots. There is no way you can leave the Huasteca Potosina without jumping some beautiful waterfalls. For all lovers of water and heights, Micos is like Disneyland for adults and children. This is an awesome activity that even small children can do, just depends on them and on which waterfalls they want to jump. If you are a person a little scared of water and heights, but you want to try to overcome this fear, I highly recommend this place because it has the ease of choosing which waterfalls vibes with you, before you decide to jump.

Where do I find the waterfalls of Micos?

Just about 40 minutes out of Ciudad Valles on highway 70 towards Rio Verde on kilometer 7 you will find a sign that says 'El Naranjo' on the right. As a reference point before you reach kilometer 7 you will find a motel called Cabañas, that's where the junction is. Of course, you can easily also use google maps, just be aware that the Huasteca Potosina is very rural and many times there is no reception. After taking the junction you will pass by several villages such as Coyoles and El Platanito until getting to the waterfalls themselves. If you have doubts about finding the place you can ask anyone, they will know how to explain the way to you and will be happy to help.

What are the Micos Waterfalls?

This place was formed by the water and sediment, which over time formed waterfalls and pools of water forming a canyon. There are 7 big waterfalls to jump from 2m to 8m high. These beautiful waterfalls with turquoise blue water form the main tourist attraction of the region and you should definitely come and visit. The tour starts with the first waterfall of about 5 meters called 'La Pruba', where you will get to see how brave you are. 'La Prueba' is connected with a giant pool that belongs to the waterfall 'El Toro' of 20 meters just above it. Although this waterfall cannot be jumped it is quite beautiful to take some nice pictures before you start your adventure.

Micos got his name from a lot of spider-monkeys that used to live here long ago. With time, as humans started coming by more frequently they disappeared and now only one of 1000 tourists will maybe get to see one of them.

Now here is a shortlist of all the things you should know before visiting:


  • The place has slippery surfaces and is a jungle area.

  • During the rainy season water levels rise and it is dangerous to enter, consult with a local guide or company with which you will do this adventure activity.

  • If you come by private car leave it in the area known as 'La Virgen', here will be more in the sight of the people, since the river flows along the roadside and most parking lots do not have security here.

  • The place is full of trucks loaded with sugarcane, be very careful when walking around here as they are most of the time overloaded and tend to get stuck or fall over.

  • The entrance to start the jumps is in a hydroelectric plant, we tell you so that you do not wonder when they make you enter here - it's normal.

  • During the night there may be some jaguars around, but during the day they mostly hide from humans.

  • Do not exceed the speed limits as it is a rural area and many people and children are walking on the streets, there are also many potholes and you break your car easily.

  • Before you reach Micos you will find a public bathing spot called 'Pago Pago' where you can swim under the last waterfalls of the jumps and also take canoe rides. You can also get here jumping all the waterfalls.

  • There are the sky bike and zip line service right here in Micos, you will have no problem finding it as there are many signs or your guide can help you.


  • Without a problem, you can wear shorts, leggings, a bikini or any other sportswear. In winter a wetsuit is recommended.

  • Wear comfortable water shoes with a good sole.

  • Don't forget to secure your lenses with lace in case you need them in the water if you can leave them in your car so you do not lose them. If you wear contact lenses, be aware that sometimes they get out or move when jumping. (Let your guide know)

  • Tip pro: Buy from a sports store or internet, a bag or dry box, which is special for water activities. here you can carry money, a cell phone, a camera or possibly medicine you may need.


  • You can buy a waterproof case for your phone but be aware that they are cheaply made and we've seen them break several times.

  • You can use a waterproof camera with a floating device.

  • Take care of your cell phone or camera when jumping.

  • In case you do not want to risk your phone all guides take pictures for you.


  • It is very important to follow the indications of your guide as it is the person who knows the area and the activity best.

  • Avoid activities if you are in a drunken state.

  • Don't just enter this place, hire a local guide or tour operator. For your own safety.

  • Wear your life jacket and helmet provided by your local guide or tour operator at all times.

  • It is important to have a first aid kit in your designated car on the trip.

  • If you panic during water activities and do not feel comfortable doing them there will be another time and another way to enjoy the activity.

  • There are a wide variety of animals and plants, please do not disturb them and do not leave the marked paths, always follow the indications of the guides.

  • It takes willpower when jumping to avoid slipping or landing badly. Jump whenever you want to and feel safe. If you don't jump that's fine, there are so many more waterfalls to come.

Where can I eat?

During the whole drive to get to the waterfalls you can see several restaurants or food stands on the roadside. Most of them offer very good and typical food like Gorditas for example. Also when visiting 'Pago Pago' there are several good food-stands inside the park. You can also wait until you get back to Ciudad Valles until you get some good restaurant food.

Are transportation and lodgings suitable for this adventure?

As we mentioned above you can get here without problems in the comfort of your car or hire a packaged tour. This way your transportation from Ciudad Valles is obviously going to be included.

There is a place called "Aldea Huasteca" that offers you ecological accommodation with Teenek bohíos by the same river Micos just a bit more downstream. This is a great option if you prefer staying outside of the city itself. In Ciudad Valles, you will find accommodation of all the different price categories and a variety of restaurants, bars, ATMs, squares, hospitals, etc.

If you liked our trip and would like us to plan your own, just contact us on social media or by mail. We would love to make your experience unforgettable.


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