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The ultimate guide to visiting Heidelberg

Traveling through Germany we are sure you were also looking for a village, a city that has all the typical features you are looking for in Germany. So like most people you maybe will also end up in Heidelberg, a beautiful town with many great reasons to visit. So here we will give you some tips so you can plan your trip to Heidelberg:

1. How to get there

There are two ways to get to Heidelberg the easiest: By car or by train. If you choose to go by car you will obviously be traveling more privately and you can park your car right in the center of town. Afterward, you can visit places close by, like the Rhine for example. If you choose to go by train you can take a ticket that is called the Baden Württemberg ticket (costs 30€ approx. for 5 people/day). This ticket makes it possible for you to move throughout the whole State (in the regional trains) for a day. In Heidelberg, that way you will arrive at the main train station and you can take a train to get to the Bismarckplatz (the city center). From Heidelberg you can for example get to Mannheim in less than an hour by train, if you want to visit more than one city in a day.

2. Things to do:

To get started the Bismarckplatz is a great point anyhow. Here you can start to walk through the historic center of the city, which is basically a long street that is filled with shops and restaurants. This street takes you straight to the marketplace with the big Heiliggeistkirche. From here you can take a left turn to go to the river or you can go right to climb up to the castle.

If you want to visit the old bridge crossing the river make sure you take some lunch or a coffee because on the other side there are really nice benches with a beautiful river and a city view to relax a bit.

Visiting the castle you will have to climb up some stairs or take a small train (this is for the lazy ones 😉 ) to get to the castle. Once you are up there you can visit the castle, its park or simply enjoy the beautiful view of the city from above. Once you got tired of the city, the shops and the wonderful view from above, you can go and visit the more natural Philosophenweg. This is a street on the other side of the river with the most beautiful view of the whole river and city from a different perspective. You can also try and walk there in the evening/night with a Glühwein, looking at the glowing city at night.

3. What to eat

Well I guess now I am going to give you a tip that you maybe did not expect, but here we go: In Heidelberg, you have to try Asian food (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, …). Since this city is on the itinerary of almost every Asian tourist there are many spots here that can perfectly accommodate them. You can try a great variety of Sushi, Ramen, Chinese buffets, and Korean BBQs- there is something for everyone here. Because well finally, they have to taste good even to the locals that come from over there.

If you want something more German just go to one of the many traditional restaurants that you can see in the historic center and try some of the typical dishes in the state of Baden-Württemberg (e.g. Maultaschen, Käsespätzle, Flädlesuppe). To enjoy a snack or dessert on the streets of Heidelberg during Christmastime you should try a snowball (which is a cookie ball) and some Glühwein (with alcohol) or Kinderpunsch (without alcohol). This way you will be warm and relaxed before taking on your trip back home.

4. Souvenirs!!!

I get that when you travel you also want to take something for your family or friends. So I guess there is one obvious thing you can bring which is typical from here: Melon alcohol. It is very sweet and also very powerful, you really should try it. And if you are not so much a fan of alcohol: there is also a really beautiful Lindt store on the marketplace with the best chocolate (even though it is not from Heidelberg). And if you want something to take they make fresh hot chocolate to go.

If you liked our tips and you want to travel through Heidelberg, Germany or Europe contact us on our social media or here.


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