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Tequesquitengo - The Sea of Morelos - Travel tips

It’s not been long since we recently visited Tequesquitengo the deepest lake in Mexico with 21.13m and its submerged village Tequesquitengo right in the middle of the lake. The village was initially founded in 1650 but later submerged in the lake while people resettled around it.

In 1865 it was completely submerged because of excess water from the sugar cane farms which was diverted by the Hacienda San José. The Hacienda conserved a beautiful view towards the village whilst it was sinking slowly until the temple tower and the bell tower solely were showing above water. The temple belonging to the order of the Dominican friars of the monastery of Tequesquitengo was dedicated to St. John the Baptist and was the only thing remaining from the village above ground. Before the 2017 earthquake, you could see the bell towers cross still above the water but now it has fallen off.

In and around the lake of Tequesquitengo we can find all kinds of activities such as:

sailing, skydive and paragliders, jet skis,

yachts, boats, kayaks, airplanes, open water swimming,

triathlon, cycling.

As for hotels, restaurants, and holiday homes, you do not need to worry, since the whole lake is surrounded by endless options and a budget that best suits you. It is best to just look for the perfect place online before arriving. On our trip, we visited two incredible places that we loved to spend an unforgettable weekend at an hour and a half of Mexico City.

Hotel Vlú:

This wonderful place, a few steps away from the lake, offers you maximum comfort rooms with prices from 2,800 pesos per night for two people and two children under 11 years old, including breakfast from 09:00 am. The hotel is very beautiful and all its rooms have a balcony overlooking the lake. It is definitely worth spending an evening in this place.

Its very comfortable and clean facilities pleased us very much and they also have a beautiful infinity pool by the lake. One part is totally transparent and made of glass for some great pictures.

Lake Club Raices:

This natural and wonderful place has excellent food, a friendly atmosphere, and the attention is the cherry on top of the cake. Raices is located on the same street as the Vlú hotel and is a restaurant and yacht club. This place is perfect for any water or air activity mentioned above. Ideally, come with family and friends to eat some great fish or any other dish of your liking with a cold beer and enjoying the view of the lake.

It has a big parking lot with green and camping areas, bathrooms with showers, Temazcal, and a small pool to spend a pleasant time sunbathing at.

Do you love visiting new villages?

Just 10 minutes from Tequesquitengo we can find the beautiful village of Tehuixtla and visit a bit more rural places and farms as many natural and fresh products are cultivated in this area. We can find a lot of livestock and agriculture in this place. Right in the center of Tehuixtla, you can find anything you need such as food, ATMs, market, taxis, gas stations, Aztec banks, etc. It is a small village but well equipped with everything a city needs.

Here we also had the pleasure to try the best breakfast since we started our adventure. Right in Tehuixtla on Vicente Guerrero Street, we can find the Art business of B. Here they make the best Chilaquiles with cecina or fried eggs all over Tehuixtla!

They have an extensive menu for all kinds of breakfasts, have excellent service and you can google them and discover it on your own.

Now you know some details that will make your visit to Tequesquitengo more pleasant. Hopefully, some of our ideas were of some help when planning your trip to the sea of Morelos.

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