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Mexico City for lovers of nature & tranquility

We are true lovers of nature, but sometimes even we end up in a big city and sometimes we even enjoy it. Some time ago we were living in Mexico City and we went looking for the natural destinations within the city that were not so full of people. The 4 Top destinations in Mexico City, if you want some quiet and natural time without leaving town. All of the following places can be visited walking or by uber.

1. Chapultepec, La esperanza

One of the places that are very frequently visited is also one of the most natural places in the city: the park Chapultepec.

But to give it a different touch we love to go there in the morning, we pass by the Bakery "La esperanza" and take our baked goods and coffee to the park to enjoy while walking around or sitting on one of the many benches. Here we love to enjoy the peace of the place. Just be aware: Every Monday the park is completely closed.

2. La Roma, Papa Guapa

La Roma is very known within the city to be a nice neighbourhood, where we also love to spend some time. Here you can find many beautiful streets filled with big trees, cafès, and one really special restaurant. It is located in Roma Norte and has the name "Papa Guapa" ("Beautiful Potato"). This is a diner, themed just like they were in the 80s in the USA. They serve potatoes in any way you can imagine and the best milkshakes in town that we have tried. A big advantage: it has a nice seating area and is open until late at night, so perfect if you look for a place to spend an evening.

3. La Condesa, Freims

When I try to find nice natural places in a city, I check for the biggest green spots on Google Maps. If you start to explore Mexico City by Google Maps, you will find some streets that look like a running slop in the form of a out bool stadium. This is Hipodormo or also called the Avenida Amsterdam in La Condesa. This place, rarely visited by tourists, is marvellous. It has a big park in the middle and a street (Avenida Amsterdam) surrounding it which looks like a walkway in a forest. To take a walk this place is perfect. Even better is that the street has a lot of Cafès and restaurants to get a refreshment or something to eat. We went to a cafè called Freims which has a garden inside where you can sip a coffee, get breakfast or lunch as well.

4. La Zona Rosa, BBQ Coreano

Many people that come and visit Mexico City or even live here do not even know, that Mexico city has a vivid Korean community, which is mostly located in La Zona Rosa. This neighbourhood is mostly known for great bars and nightclubs, as well as its LGBT+ community. During daytime the place is very different though, mostly full of restaurants and shops. An Avenue is connecting it with Reforma and it is only 20min away from Chapultepec by foot. If you like to try some of the great Korean food around you should try Korean BBQ.

Here you can try traditional dishes as well as a unique experience.

If you enjoyed our tips and would like some more information or help with planning your trip, feel free to contact us.


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