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How to travel after Covid-19?

Most of us can barely wait until we can travel again, after the COVID-19 pandemic. But tourism and vacation are not going to be like it was before for a long time. There are almost no flights, many travel restrictions and safety measures are in place. Here we got some tips to plan your next trip:

1. Wait until it is safe

Don’t try to travel BEFORE the place or country is considered safe and the huge numbers of confirmed cases are going down. So make sure you keep checking the safety and health advisories for the country or region you want to visit.

2. Travel by car and with close family

Using public transport such as planes, trains or buses mostly means a higher risk of getting infected because of its confined space.

So: If you have your own car this is a great option you can use to travel with your family or very close friends that were taking care of themselves.

3. Check the rules at border control and the news

If you want to leave your country you should be checking the safety advisories of the place and the rules and travel restrictions, to not get into trouble when crossing the border. We advise that you don’t travel far since rules are changing fast.

4. Choose places in the open air and nature

Choose a destination with a lot of free space and nature where you can avoid people. Especially mountains, beaches or lakes work well, always when they are not crowded with people. If you can, choose less touristy places to avoid contact with other people.

5. Stay in private places (AirBnB)

Hotels, even though they have safety measures, they are at risk to become hotspots, especially if they offer buffets. Try to choose private spaces like AirBnBs or Bungalows, where you can also cook yourself or order food to avoid risks.

6. Help the local economy

During your journey try to help local guides, restaurants, and accommodation, because those suffer more under the pandemic than big companies. Also many are smaller, more private businesses that can control the safety measures easier.

7. Check the safety measures of companies

When you decide to travel with a company or want to visit an amusement park or hotel, inform yourself about the safety measures. If they do not have safety measures such as temperature checks, masks, or sanitization in place DO NOT TRAVEL WITH THEM. You will be at higher risk of getting infected.

8. Avoid crowded places

Even though many big amusement parks such as Xcaret or Disneyland are reopening, try to avoid them for the time being. Many quickly become hotspots like Disneyland in Hong Kong for example. Also, big cities are facing the same problem because it is difficult to avoid people and infection.

9. Use your mask and safety measures

When you are traveling you should be following the same safety measures as always, if not stricter. Therefore ALWAYS use your mask, take a safe distance and sanitize your hands and surfaces frequently.

10. Enjoy!

Take this time after these difficult months to relax and enjoy your vacation. You deserve it!


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