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Feldberg: A winter tale

During our stay in Germany this winter we tried to get out into nature as much as possible. Due to lock down and the increased need for safety measures hiking was a great option. And even greater: the black forest.

The black forest as such is divided between the northern black forest, which has smaller mountains and deeper woods. The southern black forest on the other hand has higher mountains and therefore also fewer trees and a more scenic environment. Here also the highest mountain of the black forest is located just an hour away from the city of Freiburg: The Feldberg with its 1277m. In summer, this mountain is the hotspot for bikers, hikers, and paragliders. In winter skiing and snow, hiking is just as much fun.

We decided to take this trip by car since it is fairly complicated to get to the mountain top by train (you would need to take a bus from Freiburg). And like many times, the secret to enjoying this place is arriving early (around 9 or 10 am). Once we arrived next to the Feldberg, we left our car and started hiking up the mountain. There is basically just one route that takes you up the mountain on a really beautiful hike with the winter wonderland around you. This hike will take you around 1 hour to get to the valley in between two mountain tops. To your left: A tower with a beautiful view and the museum of ham – really random, we know. To your right: The top of the Feldberg with its radio antenna tower. If you have the time and the motivation to go to both peaks, the views are very different but equally beautiful.

Especially in winter many times the fog leaves just the peaks out so you have to hike through the fog until getting to the peaks, which then results in you standing above the clouds. Here is the perfect spot as well to take a small lunch, maybe even bring some tea to warm you up again. And then, once you feel like you’ve seen enough: you can take the same hike to get back down again.

Normally, meaning not in times of lockdowns, this mountain has ski lifts that take you right up and permit you to actually practice skiing without having to go far away. The trails are easy and perfect for families. You just have to pay a small fee to use the lifts during the whole day and enjoy the adventure.

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