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Battert: Baden- Baden

This is the place of the thousand outlooks with as I will describe here: Wonderful views and spots to enjoy nature and the town of Baden-Baden below with your friend or family. You can even bring a small snack or lunch, get your energy flowing again by being in nature, and even enjoying some adventure.


We began walking through the walking trails which lead around a circular top of the mountain, which you can walk in different directions and even decide whether you want to take the difficult route or the easier. The beautiful upper route (which is a bit more difficult but still easy) takes you first to a viewpoint and from there leads you to the ruins of an old castle without ever leaving a straight, natural climbing wall that accompanies you throughout the whole hike. In most German forests or walkways there are clear signals all around so you cannot get lost in the forest. The walks are suitable for any kind of tourist with its easy and difficult route made by mother nature.

Very different from the forest in Pfalz, the trails here are not as deserted with long walks but here even whole families with pets, babies, small children, take the easy but adventurous and picturesque trail. All this just to give you an idea about how calm and relaxing this place is. The climate here in fall is quite cold, but once the sun comes out it is very comfortable to walk and enjoy the rich flora and fauna within this forest. The area, with its smell of the moist ground, covered in fall-colored leaves gives an incredible view. We recommend you take warm clothes which you can be taking off once it gets warmer.


The first viewpoint is about 15 min into the hike, and many use the broad stones to take lunch with these amazing views. If you decide to stop here be careful with your children or yourself to make sure no one falls down the rocks since there is no real fence anywhere. We think it's amazing that you take care of the nature around you, don’t leave any trash, and intend to not leave a too big footstep. You will see the amazing view in our pictures.

Another 20min approx. Walking you will see the next amazing viewpoint in front of you. It is a bit more hidden than the first, but even so, it is easier to enjoy the place, with fewer people around. This place is a bit easier to miss, so in case you don’t see it just follow other hikers or simply ask. This second viewpoint has a wooden bridge to enjoy the view of Baden Baden from. Baden-Baden is known for its casino, the beautiful constructions, and the most expensive hotels you may find in Germany. Here all the kings and presidents stay when visiting Germany.

CLIMBING HERE IN BADEN BADEN? Even though on the internet you can almost not find any international information on the climbing walls here, we can assure you: They do exist. They are just of the normal hiking trail and very easy to find. These climbing rocks are around 15m high and have different routes with different difficulties all over, so you can just choose whichever fits you well. Make sure you bring your own things here and only climb if you are equipped properly and if you are sure you know what you’re doing. This place does not have any official guides or tourism services, it's just private people climbing. So in case you are a climber, it may be worth your while.


The castle which is located on this mountain top and in the middle of the hiking trail is set in the midst of the forest, with a beautiful view and many lookouts very close by. The castle itself is in ruins and there is no real structure to visit anymore, but it is still very wonderful to stroll around the ruins. The castle, which was built in 1100 by the king of Baden was destroyed in 1500 by a huge fire which left it in ruins. Since 1830 the official German organization of castles and gardens started to restore and maintain what is left of the structure.


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