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The Pfälzer Wald: forest, wine & hiking

Can you imagine a walk in the middle of forests, vineyards, and German architecture which is trapped in this wonderful place?

Below we will tell you about this old but very special place to convince you to travel here and cross this place of your bucket list.

Just search on google maps for Burrweiler, which is a village, just in the middle of the immense forest of Pfalz. When you get here by car (preferably), the directions to get to the main point and start one of the countless trials are very simple. I was very surprised by the emphasis they put on these activities: you can even scan codes that automatically put the entire map, both the village and the forest and its sections on your phone. This way you can navigate easily throughout the forest without getting lost. It has all kinds of levels from a short 1-hour walk to walks of more than 3 hours for adventure addicts who are always looking for more haha.


Your outfit should be a hundred percent adventurous, from good boots to a good jacket, since the cold in this place is really tough (if you travel in autumn, even if the sun is out) You can take a good thermos with a strong tea or coffee to get some heat in your body while you are walking. We personally took backpacks with water, sandwiches, fruits, a lamp, extra batteries, toilet paper, and more small little helpers. It makes us feel a little safer and better prepared and part of enjoying an adventure is being prepared for it in any way. No matter if it's mountains, forest or some new adventure to explore and remember that it's better:

(have things and not need them, then need them and not have them)

Now that you are fully equipped and heading into the woods this is where we can also find countless birds, insects, falcons, hares, and although you may not believe it, there are small chapels adapted in nature, where occasionally they come to celebrate church on some special dates. We occupied the place to eat a small lunch since it had very comfortable benches and a very nice view, by the way, it is essential to take a small lunch if you chose a long road like us. There is no way you will enjoy your walk if you are hungry.


After finishing the section of the forest, immense fields of grapes start just at the feet of the woods. Since the villages of Pfalz are well known for the good wine they make, you can even make some money and buy a couple of bottles and try them on your way, take them home or even better: Enjoy them over lunch in the middle of the vineyard. You can take a look and see its process as the processing and filling machines are in sight of the travelers who walk by. As long as you follow the directions along the way, you can easily spend more than an hour walking alone within the grape section and the beautiful vineyards. Just as a comment so you don't think you're off track and keep enjoying the wonderful view this place has to offer and don't worry about being lost.


For lovers of biking the roads are perfect also for bicycles, both the section of the forest that are natural roads, where it is important to have your bike in good condition. The part of the roads which are more urban roads with natural parts and cement is even easier and more relaxed to take my bike. We have to be careful in this part as we can find mini tractors, cattle, and villagers who go for a run and are not that much looking out for bikers, so just be aware to not crash into anyone. As long as you follow the signs and maintain a moderate speed you will have no problem with enjoying this place.


The walking circuit tells you to pass through this village which is a clear example of German architecture and it seems that time does not pass here - you feel in another century. As you walk through its streets you only think about entering a tavern and ordering a glass of beer to feel like an old-fashioned traveler who discovered a new place. We can find restaurants, lodging, cheese, and wine along the way to your point of origin, which is the neighboring village of Burrweiler, which was where you started this adventure. The final part to finally get to your car is a slope with slightly more modern houses but that does not cease to amaze and an incredible view that will be the cherry on top of the cake to finish your expedition of the day and finally take that well-deserved rest.

If you liked our expedition and would love to live one yourself feel free to contact us here or on our social media.


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